"Eye of the Hurricane" is the second episode in Season 2 of Shades of Blue and the fifteenth episode overall. It premiered on March 12, 2017.


Following Wozniak's discovery that Stahl's target is his close friend and Mayoral Candidate, Julia Ayers, Wozniak launches an all out war with Stahl. Meanwhile, Harlee dives into an investigation that takes an unexpected turn into her own past and ultimately throws her in the cross hairs of Wozniak and the FBI. At the precinct, a new, unwelcome presence threatens to uncover the crew's deepest secrets.


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Stahl is ticked off because Woz hasn’t turned over any information on Julia Ayres. The case against Bianci falls apart when Judge Fowler throws out the evidence against him. Nava suspects the judge has been bought off.

Bianci and his goons corner Harlee in the elevator while leaving the courthouse. He wants to know who is ordering her and Woz to set him up, but she won’t tell him. He makes sure she knows that he knows where she lives.

Harlee figures out that Julia stole evidence during Hurricane Sandy and is using it to trade in favors. She made Judge Fowler’s DUI disappear, which is why he tossed out the evidence against Bianci.

All of Woz’s credit cards have been frozen by the FBI. In retaliation, Woz take the footage from the hidden camera in Stahl’s apartment and sends video of him and the prostitute he paid to act like Harlee to the judge and attorney’s in Stahl’s ongoing custody case for his son. Stahl then breaks into Harlee’s apartment and threatens her, telling her that nothing is off limits now.

Stahl sends Woz’s wife, Linda, the audio recording that makes it clear that Woz and Donnie were lovers. Woz attacks Stahl on the street and almost strangles him to death. He only stops when Harlee pulls her gone on him. He leaves Stahl alive, but tells Harlee that the world is crashing down around them all.

Det. Tom Berkaw from Internal Affairs starts hanging out around the precinct, investigating Donnie’s disappearance, and rattling Loman.





  • Ritchie Coster as Bianci
  • Santino Fontana as David Saperstein
  • Zane King Beers as Street Kid
  • Chris Carfizzi as Valet
  • Leticia Castillo as Maria Rojas
  • Tracey Ilgner as Watiress
  • Blake Johnson as Justin Stahl

  • Jeremy Lawrence as Pawn Shop Opwner / Clerk
  • Gavin Lodge as Wheeler
  • Rita Markova as Associate
  • Alana O'Brien as Marta Stahl
  • Raul Reyes as Bailiff
  • Rick Zahn as Judge Fowler



Title Artist Scene
"Alive" Sia Harlee hears Woz's works to her as showers when she notices one of the shower clips from shower curtain missing from when she used it to wrap up Miguel's body she search for it; Harlee arrives at a dinner to meet with Woz.
"Que?" Enzo & Su Clan Michael orders at the food truck when a man begins talk to him then offers to by his and Carlos' meal who introduces himself as Tom Burkoff from internal affairs.
"Drinks at the Ritz" Paul Williams Harlee radies to approach Sadoski at Julia Ayres event when Julia catches sight of her, she makes an excuses as to way she's there.
"It Will Rain" Bruno Mars Hurricane Sandy strikes New York; Julia watches over Woz as drinks in memory of is daughter's death, Julia watches over him then gives Harlee the rains.


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