Lieutenant Matt Wozniak is a main character in Shades of Blue. He is the CO of the 64th Precinct. He had a stint in the USMC for 25 years prior to joining law enforcement and is in charge of most dirty cops in the precinct. He is portrayed by Ray Liotta.


Matt Wozniak is the corrupt commander of the 64th Precinct, and the main target in an FBI anti-corruption investigation. He is a 25-year veteran of the force, and before that spent six years in the United States Marine Corps. He is very close to Harlee, whom he considers a daughter, and Harlee's own daughter, Cristina. He is bisexual, married to Linda and having an affair with Donnie before Donnie was killed by Loman in self-defense in "One Last Lie". His own daughter was said to have been clinically depressed and committed suicide at the age of 19. Matt helps Harlee and her daughter, Cristina, once in a while. He even offers to help Harlee get her car fixed by asking the precinct's mechanic to help get it repaired. After he finds out that the others tried to kill Loman, Matt tries to let him know that he went through it and it's best to make peace with his mistake. Once he gets suggestions that a mole was inserted into his unit, Matt thinks about subjecting everyone to polygraphs. He decided against it anyway since he taught everyone, including Harlee, to beat it.