Season 1 is the first season of Shades of Blue, the American crime drama television series created by Adi Hasak. It began on January 7, 2016 and concluded on March 31, 2016.


Jennifer Lopez stars in this gritty crime drama as veteran NYPD detective Harlee Santos, a member of a crew of dirty cops who work out of a Brooklyn precinct. Led by Lt. Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta), who looks upon Harlee almost as a daughter, they've forged alliances with the area's criminal element to keep illicit activities in the shadows—and, also, to line their pockets with cash. They also take care of their own, as rookie detective Michael Loman (Dayo Okeniyi) discovers when he and Harlee bust through the door of a suspected drug den and he shoots a second too soon, killing an unarmed man. Harlee wastes no time making it look like a legitimate shoot; and Loman wastes no time feeling guilty, with the act and accompanying cover-up weighing on him throughout the season. That's a mere subplot, though. The main story belongs to Harlee. In the pilot, she heads out for a meeting with a bookie that turns out to be an FBI sting run by Special Agent Robert Stahl (Warren Kole). He's not looking to bust her, but to turn her into an informant—which she agrees to in exchange for immunity. Not long thereafter, Wozniak confides in her that there's a mole within the ranks and, though he doesn't say so, he suspects it may be her, leading to a memorable meeting between the two at a marina. As that storyline develops and expands to include a possible big score, which greatly interests Stahl, Harlee faces another ongoing concern: her abusive former boyfriend Miguel (Antonio Jaramillo) wants a relationship with their daughter Cristina (Sarah Jeffery), who doesn't know he exists.





  • Dean Geyer as Nick Davis ("Pilot")
  • Robbie Tann as Earl
  • Zarif Kabier as Haim
  • Charles Brice as Stroke ("Original Sin")
  • Jo Armeniox as Amber
  • Cortez Nance Jr. as Luther
  • Massiel Mordan as Yessi
  • Tama Filianga as Gangbanger
  • Eddie K. Robinson as Donut Cashier
  • Tyler Evans as FBI Agent #1 ("False Face, False Heart")
  • Rob DeRosa as Pimp
  • Alana O'Brien as Marta Stahl
  • Blake Andrew Johnson as Justin Stahl
  • Andrew MacLarty as Perp
  • Gaetano Iacono as Morgue Attendant


# Image Title First aired
1 1x01 "Pilot" January 7, 2016
Harlee Santos has dedicated her life to being a single mom and a New York City police officer. Her squad of detectives at the NYPD is her family, but when their questionable practices attract the attention of the FBI, Harlee is recruited to work undercover for the FBI's anti-corruption task force must choose between ratting out her team or losing her daughter.
2 1x02 "Original Sin" January 14, 2016
Harlee struggles with becoming an FBI informant while Wozniak suspects every member of his crew. Paranoid that Wozniak's search will lead to her, Harlee suggests polygraphing the entire crew, a plan that backfires. An appeals case sends Wozniak to watch tapes from his first encounter with Harlee, revealing a dark secret from their past. Meanwhile, Espada helps Tess deal with her husband's infidelity.
3 False-Face-False-Heart "False Face, False Heart" January 21, 2016
Harlee refuses to give Stahl incriminating evidence against Wozniak but hands over a fully resolved unofficial investigation that Tess and Espada initiated when they moved a body by Tess' house found to be murdered with a 3D printed gun. Wozniak confronts Harlee who executes a dangerous bluff.
4 Who-Can-Tell-Me-Who-I-Am "Who Can Tell Me Who I Am" January 28, 2016
Loman's guilt over the death of an unarmed suspect becomes a liability for the crew, forcing them to test his loyalty. Wozniak sends Harlee on an errand that reveals he has a silent partner in the big score. Wozniak realizes Donnie has been withholding information. Harlee feigns cooperation with Stahl, but unwittingly leads the FBI to incriminating evidence.
5 Equal-and-Opposite "Equal and Opposite" February 4, 2016
Harlee and Tess intercept a heroin shipment from a local drug lord who discovers Wozniak's secret and tries to use it as leverage to get his confiscated drugs back. Harlee fears Stahl's interest in her goes beyond the professional, believing that he is invading her privacy, and resorts to spying on him with the help of an old friend. Tess tries to use Espada to get back at her husband.
6 Fall-of-Man "Fall of Man" February 11, 2016
Wozniak's suspicions land on Saperstein, forcing Harlee to convince Stahl to arrest Saperstein in order to keep him safe. Harlee visits her abusive ex, Miguel, who tasks her with tracking down the man who committed the murder for which he is imprisoned.
7 Undiscovered-Country "Undiscovered Country" February 18, 2016
Wozniak grapples with guilt over his attempt to eliminate Saperstein; Harlee tries to protect Saperstein and keep the unit from being torn apart by suspicion and grief; and Stahl comes closer to uncovering Harlee's relationship with Miguel.
8 Good-Cop-Bad-Cop "Good Cop, Bad Cop" February 25, 2016
After Saperstein's death, Harlee realizes there are no lines Wozniak won't cross and decides to help Stahl's investigation. The crew retaliates against a pair of abusive cops after they harass Harlee's daughter Cristina and her boyfriend. Wozniak makes Loman feel like a part of the unit.
9 Live-Wire-Act "Live Wire Act" March 3, 2016
Harlee's collaboration with Stahl uncovers Wozniak's secret relationship with Donnie. Wozniak decides to take charge of the big job after picking up a package that turns out to be a kidnapped man. A mysterious call to Saperstein's desk forces the crew to face their mixed feelings about their fallen friend and ultimately decide to preserve his memory.
10 What-Devils-Do "What Devil Do" March 10, 2016
Harlee and Wozniak secure more details on the big score and meet Donnie's silent partner, who reveals himself to be a DEA agent. They learn the big score is an armored truck heist. Wozniak takes interest in a fellow marine veteran who is suspected of murder under dubious circumstances.
11 The-Breach "The Breach" March 17, 2016
On the day of the heist, Harlee realizes she misplaced her trust in Stahl but it's too late to back down. Harlee tries to get immunity for her crew as she participates in the heist knowing that it will lead to Wozniak's arrest. Miguel discovers Harlee's secret. Loman unwittingly witnesses the heist just as the exchange goes terribly wrong.
12 For-I-Have-Sinned "For I Have Sinned" March 24, 2016
Harlee and Wozniak must face the consequences of the disappearance of the heist's money. Out of options, Harlee approaches the FBI and promises to find the money and deliver Wozniak and his partners if Stahl keeps her in play.
13 One-Last-Lie "One Last Lie" March 31, 2016
Unable to provide Donnie and Linklater to the FBI, Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) makes a deal with Stahl to exchange her own immunity for that of her crew. Harlee comes face to face with Miguel who reveals his darkest side as he demands to be a part of Cristina's life.




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