Title Artist Scene
1. "Pilot"
"No Church in the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)" Kanye & Jay Z Harlee has none-date at a boxing gym where she boxes with Nick then they get busy; Harlee dresses and head out of the gym; Harlee meets up with the rest of the cop crew.

Harlee meets with the new bookie and takes his bribe when FBI swarms in on them, she tries to turn the tables on them but they turn them on her as the bookie reveals him to be FBI.

"The Day the Radio Died" Prophet Omega Tess gets advice from the boys about her husbands new attitude change; Harlee settles her tab at the bar when a guy (Robert Stahl) begin to chat her up, she rebuff him when Michael arrives.
"The Beautiful People" Marilyn Manson The crew cases their drug dealer, Earl, ten blocks through the city until Bill hits him with his squad car and when he gets up Harlee chases him down and arrests him.
"Chandelier" Sia Harlee drives Cristina's car through the city then crashes it several times to give evidence to the lie she told Woz to cover her time with Stahl.
"Old Dream" Paul Bergmann Harlee & Cristina arrive at the Wozniak home for the barbecue, their greeted by Woz; Harlee heads into the house to talk with Linda as they do Woz receives a text and calls Harlee outside.
2. "Original Sin"
"R.I.P. 2 My Youth" The Neighbourhood Tess & Carlos discuss that fact that Tess' husband is having an affair and that Tess slept with her husband mistress and what to do then they raid the apartment as the couple have sex.
"The Ideal Husband" Father John Misty Taking a detour to a bar, Tess sends Carlos off the bathroom while she confronts Joe's mistress Amber about their affair then attacks her, Carlos rushes back and takes her away from the scene.
"Push It" (remix) Ishi Harlee calls Cristina only to hear loud music in the background then the call drops; Harlee calls again and finds out she's at a nightclub, Harlee tries to give her advice about making smart choices.
3. "False Face, False Heart"
"Bad Things" Isaso Loman goes to the funeral fundraiser for Jamarr Malcolm and meets Erica and Jay-Jay.
"Just Like Blood" Sharon Vanetten Loman gets Erica's phone number; Tess watches over the victim's body in the morgue; Molly follows Matt to a bar and reports back; Robert follows after Harlee; Harlee heads to James' with food.
"Closer" JMR Harlee suggest James that he should kiss in lieu having nothing to do which he does; Harlee slides her mic off as she and James have sex; Robert listens to Harlee's mic feed.
4. "Who Can Tell Me Who I Am"
5. "Equal and Opposite"
6. "Fall of Man"
7. "Undiscovered Country"
8. "Good Cop, Bad Cop"
9. "Live Wire Act"
10. "What Devil Do"
11. "The Breach"
12. "For I Have Sinned"
13. "One Last Lie"