Terrence Linklater is a recurring character in Shades of Blue. He is portrayed by Stephen Lang.


Linklater is furious when Wozniak and Harlee’s car gets hit and while they are unconscious someone steals the stolen money from the heist. Harlee and Wozniak split up and Harlee goes to FBI headquarters to Baker and Stahl. Baker and Stahl tell her that her immunity deal may not hold. They think they have Linklaterbut the man they’ve brought in isn’t Linklater. ("For I Have Sinned")

Woz uses a messenger from the heist to track down Linklater. He holds the messenger in the freezer at Murphy’s Bar. When Harlee goes to release him, she finds Verco. The bar owner let the messenger go when Verko showed up but Verco still has questions. He tells Harlee that their weak link told him about the bar.

Woz has Stahl meet him at a warehouse so he can turn over Linklater. Stahl bring Harlee, but he isn’t happy to see Linklater. He didn’t think capturing him was possible. Stahl shoots and kills Linklater and tells Woz and Harlee to get rid of the body. ("Ghost Hunt")